The Directorate of Export Promotion and Marketing assists the small scale Industries in the state in marketing their products. As the quality of the goods is the most important factor for industrial products to get an assured market, the Directorate, through its Inspection section, provides inspection and quality control facilities by way of Laboratory tests and technical guidance etc. To render effective service, the Inspection section operates through its’ two wings viz:
(1) Inspection
(2) Quality Control

1. Inspection
The Wing is headed by one deputy Director (Inspection)in Class-I services who is assisted by two Assistant directors and five Inspectors. 1.1 Procedure for inspection – The Inspection wing of the Directorate will undertake inspection. The inspection work is conducted in the premises of the manufactures i.e. SSI units concerned. Either by the officers of the Inspectors attached to the Inspection Section of this Directorate according to the ISI standards. The extend to which inspection will be confined chiefly depends on the nature of products, the process involved, the quality/standard set and the skill of the workers.
The inspection of the unit and its’ manufactured products is undertaken in the following stages
1.2 Pre-registration inspection – Before registering SSI units with the directorate of Export Promotion and Marketing, preliminary inspection will be taken up in the premises of the manufacturing unit, with a view to assessing whether the unit is capable of manufacturing goods according to the standard laid down and whether it is eligible chiefly, to be a likely supplier to Government Departments and its undertakings etc. In regard to the preliminary Inspection, a Small Scale manufacturer in the State desirous of being registered with the Directorate should apply to the General Manager, District Industries Centres, in which the industry is located, in duplicate. The General Manager will get it processed and submit the proposal with all relevant papers for registration to the director, Export Promotion and Marketing. A small Scale manufacturer may also apply for registration to Director. Export Promotion and Marketing direct in the prescribed form in duplicate. Such form can be had from the Registration section of the Directorate free of cost, on request. The Inspection Section, after receipt of the proposal from the Registration Section, arranges inspection of the unit to verify the correctness of particulars mentioned in the application as well as its’ past performance before recommending the case for registration in the Directorate.
1.3 Mere application does not automatically qualify the unit to be a likely supplier to Government unless and until it is capable of manufacturing goods according to the prescribed standard. The Inspection section recommends the case of a new SSI unit after it is satisfied that the manufacturer is capable of producing quality goods, according to the relevant specification.

Pre-registration Inspection of SSI units mainly consists of the following operations
i. Inspection of raw-materials
ii. Inspection of component parts and their assembly
iii. Inspection of manufacturing process
iv. Inspection of finished and end products
1.4 Whenever it is found that the store item, applied to be registered, has an Indian Standard Specification, sample/samples are drawn for carrying out tests in the Testing Laboratories. Testing fees for such tests are required to be borne by the unit. In case the sample does not confirm to the ISI specification, the unit is given another chance to improve its, quality. After receipt of further intimation from the unit that it has improved the quality of the product, further sample swill be drawn and testing conducted free of charges. In case samples fail to confirm to the relevant standard specification, registration of such items of the unit shall not be allowed. The Inspection report is to be prepared in the prescribed form indicated at Annexure-‘A’ soon after the Inspection. Pre-registration inspection of an unit should be done within 15 days of receipt of the file/application complete in all respects.

2. Quality Control
There are at present, six testing laboratories under DEP&M for carrying out tests of products manufactured by the industrial units according to the relevant I.S.S.